Lower Returns & Boost Sales!

Virtual Try-On enables customers to see and try products on, helping businesses optimize online sales and reduce return rates.

Try-on in Augmented RealityTouch

Virtual Fitting Room

Consumers can effortlessly create a digital mannequin matching their silhouette size to try on clothes. We enable them to view the product from every angle in 3D and AR, visualizing the fit.

NEW: Our innovative AR and AI-photo Try-On feature lets users see garments on themselves as if they were standing in front of a mirror, enhancing the realism of the virtual try-on experience.



Our skilled team of designers transforms existing 2D DXF garment patterns into accurate digital 3D twins, incorporating precise sizing and fabric data.

We also accept 3D models prepared and provided to us in ZPAC file format.

Virtual size advisor

Size Fitting

Our size fitting tool provides accurate size recommendations based on body measurements and the garment's sizing table or measurements.

Optionally, the result can be visualized as a 3D heatmap on the user's avatar for a clearer understanding of fit.

Garment Configurator

Our online tool enables users to customize products such as suits, shirts, and shoes by selecting from various modules, color variants, and fabrics.

The resulting designs can be used in try-ons, visualized in 3D and AR, making it ideal for made-to-order businesses.

Case Study

Client: OTCF - 4F sportswear brand.

Project: Digitization of two RL9 collections and Robert Lewandowski 3D avatar, SaaS try on and AR visualization.

Implementation: AR in iOS and Android mobile apps, used by million users + QR codes on the website.