With WEARFITS' virtual try-on, retailers and manufacturers can allow their clients to visualize shoes on their feet, enabling them to see how the products look and fit. A complementary foot measurement app allows for accurate size fitting.

NEW: AI Shoe Try-On - high quality visualization allows you to virtually try on shoes using just a photo, offering a realistic and personalized fitting experience.

Virtual footwear

Lower Returns & Boost Sales!

Reduce return rates by 25%.

Increase sales conversions by 500%.

Enhance the shopping experience and boost user engagement.

Automatic Digitization

Upload shoe photos for a 3D and AR try-on preview.

We assist manufacturers and retailers in digitizing footwear into 3D digital twins. Our automatic 3D scanner for footwear enables quick visualization of shoes in minutes. We create 3D models from photos automatically, ready for virtual try-ons.


Augmented Reality Try-On

Experience shoe try-ons in AR as if they were real. No app required.

Leveraging AR powered by AI, we enable customers to visualize shoes on their feet and in a mirror, mimicking the try-on experience of brick-and-mortar stores.


Size Fitting

A mobile app for quick and accurate foot measurements, offering precise length, width, and height fitting in under one minute.

Receive the best size recommendations based on the most accurate shoe last measurements.


Do I need to ship physical products for 3D scanning? No, we can set up the environment on-premise.

How much time does it take to digitize a shoe? Typically, it takes about 1 minute for scanning and 10 minutes for processing.

How do I integrate the try-on? It's very easy; we provide a try-on URL for each shoe.

How much does it cost? $60 per shoe per month or several cents per try-on, depending on volume.

Case Study

Client: CCC S.A. - leading footwear retailer in CEE.

Project: Digitization of hunderd of shoes, SaaS try on SDK and web 3D viewer.

Imlementation: AR in iOS and Android mobile apps, used by 10M users + 3D viewer on the website.