Ready for the 3D fashion revolution?

A new era of perfectly fitting clothes, available for purchase in e-stores, is coming. Meet our virtual fashion assistant!
Benefits for business

A step into the future of clothing sales in e-commerce

Research shows that approximately 50% of goods sold in e-commerce are returned. We have an effective solution for this! Get rid of the problems associated with size mismatch. Your satisfied customer will happily return to your store.


Fewer returns


Higher sales


Customer satisfaction

Perfectly fitting clothes on-line? Now it's possible!

Comfort advisor

No more queues to the dressing room and wasting time!

Thanks to our 3D assistant, your client will be able to choose the perfect clothes’ size. But not only that! They will be able to explore the cut of the clothing, the material and even how the product moves on a silhouette! E-commerce have never been so easy!


An accurate 3D body model


Trying on clothes in different sizes


Size adjustments


Saving time and greater shopping pleasure

Future technology available today!

Scientific approach

Research and development

Our solution is based not only on the most modern, innovative technologies, but also makes use of scientific research.

We have analyzed available clothes and mapped their properties virtually. The tests also included samples of selected clothing, to analyze in detail their structure and components.

  • Type of clothing - e.g. dress

  • Category - e.g. summer dress, cocktail dress, evening dress

  • Form - geometry and the presence of structural elements, e.g. puffs, pleats, linings

  • Type of material - fabric / knitwear etc., including physical properties

  • Texture and patterning - e.g. flowers, geometric patterns, fullness, transparency

We have also verified the accuracy with which the basic dimensions of the silhouettes are mapped. Thanks to this, we can put any clothing onto any figure!

WearFits - Comfort Advisor

We present the results of our research - get a white paper

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How does it work?

Try clothes virtually

We can implement the virtual fitting room easily in any online store without the need to engage 3D graphic designers or specialized equipment! You get a product from us that customers will use.

What do you gain?

  • Mobile version and SDK for Augmented Reality (AR)

  • Tools that facilitate the rapid digitization of clothes

  • Easy integration with stores via the API

  • Photo-realistic quality of visualization and animation

WearFits Apps

Silhouette reproduction with 99% accuracy


Physical simulation of the fabric’s behavior


Photo-realistic quality of visualization and animation

Check our
virtual fasion assistant!

Our Team

New technology enthusiasts

Lovers of the worlds of fashion, business, games, 3D special effects, computer science and science. Meet us:


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"I hope that it will be possible to try on clothes by specifying your diamensions like height and weight"


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